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simbaaaaaaaa! aka I have found my tribe

Call me Simba. ~ The Head Cabbage, Tales from the Cabbage Patch, (September 2, 2016).


No, I haven’t lost my mind (well, not officially anyway) but, just like Simba, I have found my tribe. And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a very good thing.

Bloggers have tribes. Our tribe members are bloggers that we follow faithfully, comment on, like and share. Most importantly, we lean on one another. Plus, I think these bloggers would join me in my weekend tequila share (when I finally get it rolling on a weekly basis, that is) and have a rip roarin’ good ole time with me while enjoying a good ole’ chinwag about our adventures for the week. We may even need to have a ‘talking shot glass*’ to keep the chinwag orderly.

shot glass.png*a talking shot glass is similar to a talking spoon which we sometimes have to use in the Cabbage Patch. In order to keep things orderly, whoever has the talking spoon gets to talk about their day while the rest of us listen attentively and wait for our turn to have the spoon. I got this idea from my wonderful Aunt Phyllis who had to have a talking hour glass whenever she and her sister got together. Feel free to adopt your own version. You can thank me later, gater. Oh, and send pictures of yours to so I can include them in a future post. It’ll be fun, I tell ya.

I refer to the members of my tribe as ‘Gardeners of the Cabbage Patch’. You can read about it here in Gardeners of the Cabbage Patch. Be sure to check out their blogs; they are weirdos just like me (I hope they don’t mind me saying that but it is a risk I am willing to take). But, seriously, these bloggers are wonderful and hilarious and are the friends I would love to hang out with in real life.

the Cabin in the Woods
The Cabin in the Woods (no, I am not telling you how to get here.)

This is just a short post to let you know that I have added a new page on my menu bar and to let you know that I am outta here for the long weekend. Sauerkraut and I are heading to our cabin in the woods to mingle with the animals and the rest of nature. Now, don’t anyone be thinking that now would be a good time to ransack our home because (1) we have a super secret ninja spy staying here to babysit our fur babies;  (2) we have nothing of value to steal because everything is ancient and full of cat scratches; (3) the only thing I have of any value is my laptop and it’s coming with me (stay tuned for some camp stories upon my return); and, finally (4) you would be caught and end up in jail because the super secret ninja spy staying here is just that good.

Here are a few views from the cabin:

images from cabin.png

See why I am not telling you how to get here? It is our little piece of heaven and I don’t have to share it with anyone if I don’t want to (that’s what Sauerkraut said to say anyway. He must not have gone to Kindergarten where you learn all about sharing.)

The humans are coming.png

Have a terrific, happy and safe long weekend y’all!