About Linda

IMG_0113   The Head Cabbage (HC) is a blunderer of sorts, stumbling through her own little cabbage patch called life, tripping over all the weeds she should have pulled but didn’t, spending many of her days just trying to keep her cabbage patch thriving.  She is a wife to an incredibly patient, supportive and loving husband and is the proud mother of three independent, happy go lucky adult sons.

She is a gardener of all trades yet mistress of none.  The success of her day depends on whether or not she makes at least one cabbage smile or laugh.  She views her life as an adventure; perhaps one filled more with misadventure than not but which provides her with much fertilizer for her many cabbage patch tales and life experience interpretations.

A gardener of good intentions, she leads with her heart and often finds herself questioning afterwards why the heck she does that.  Take her cabbage patch for instance.  She jumped into it rubber boots first and without much thought as to what it would take to make her cabbage patch grow.  The result is that her cabbage patch is unevenly spaced, its rows crooked, and not always skillfully cultivated. But somehow, some way, it manages to produce some beautiful cabbages and well fertilized tales.

She is also known as the Crazy Cat Lady.