Cabbages in the Patch


L to R: Sauerkraut, HC, YC, MC and EC

Head Cabbage (Me, the blogger):  The lone female in a testosterone filled cabbage patch, H.C. tends her patch as well as she can given the types of cabbages she as to work with.  Thankfully, she is a feisty, resilient, determined, and sarcastic cabbage, all noble and admirable traits with which to manage her quirky cabbage patch. Throughout the years, H.C. has taken several trips without ever leaving the patch.  Ever the optimist, she finds the bright side in almost everything, even rotten cabbages.

Sauerkraut (his choice, not mine):  A kind, gentle, and incredibly patient man, Sauerkraut married into the cabbage patch almost sixteen years ago, becoming what you would call an instant cabbage patcher.  When asked what he would like his cabbage patch code name to be, he chose ‘Sauerkraut’ because of his German heritage.  This winds up being perfect for the following reasons:   (1) sauerkraut is a finely cut cabbage which has been salted and allowed to ferment in its own juice; (2) it has a long shelf-life and, (3) is an excellent source of Vitamin C; all strong characteristics and skills necessary for survival in the cabbage patch.

Eldest Cabbage (E.C.):  E.C. is 29 yrs old, pursuing his PhD in River Geomorphology (your best bet is to Google it) who lives many miles away from the cabbage patch (coincidental? I think not).  He currently possesses his Masters in sarcasm, dry wit, independence and dedication. Ever confident, he marches to the beat of his own drum and clearly his own fashion sense (who could ever forget that Christmas sweater?).  E.C. is content and happy with the direction his life is taking him.  It is evident his time spent in the cabbage patch has prepared him well for life.

Middle Cabbage (M.C.):  Every cabbage patch needs an official fertilizer spreader and M.C. is our man.  At 26 years old, he is a sass giver, boundary tester, hard working (he is currently working as an ironworker apprentice), fast paced individual who enters any room with all the fanfare of a WWF wrestler, fist pumping included. His views on life are black or white, there are no grey areas, which makes for interesting conversation around the cabbage patch.

Youngest Cabbage (Y.C.):  Y.C. is 24 yrs old, has his undergrad in Mechanical Engineering and whose own cabbage patch could blow up and he would still manage to have a good day.  He is a philosopher of sorts (who knew?), has a permanent and an effervescent smile, and also possesses the cabbage patch’s sarcasm gene.  Y.C., however, delivers his in such a way that you don’t realize what he said until much later in the day.

Rosie:  Ah, Rosie, the Head Cabbage’s beloved shih tzu/bichon mixed wee doggie who thinks she is queen of the patch.   At ten years of age, Rosie is missing several of her teeth and has lost almost all of her sight. She snores louder than Sauerkraut and, when not sleeping, fights for world domination over the other furry members in the patch.

Miss Kitty & Rosie

Miss Kitty and Rosie living the dream …







Miss Kitty: Miss Kitty is a sophisticatedly fluffy grey coloured feline who is just over one year old. After a friend of mine adopted Miss Kitty’s sister and told me about her, I adopted Miss Kitty while Sauekraut was away hunting (he wasn’t even angry that I had done so — proof that Sauerkraut loves me no matter what mischief I may manage to get myself into). She is quiet, independent and affectionate on her terms.  Miss Kitty is rarely in trouble.

Ringo: Ringo will be one year old this coming May. He is a black and white kitty with a white ring near the tip of his tail (hence the name Ringo) who was born to an unwed single mother in our neighbour’s wood pile. Once he and his litter mates were old enough to be moved, the mother moved them under our deck. I think she liked the scenery better over here. All of the babies had terrible colds so Sauerkraut and I nursed them back to health until they were ready to be surrendered to our local shelter. Ringo was suffering the worst of the litter so I brought him indoors to recover. Yes, you guessed it, he never left! Ringo is fairly quiet and also independent. He is the dominant force to be wreckoned with at the kitty’s ball track play station. Ringo is occasionally in trouble.

Ringo _ good shot Isn’t Ringo a handsome fellow?

Oreo: Oreo is Ringo’s twin with the exception that his tail does not have a ring near the tip, his nose isn’t all white like Ringo’s, and he is smaller in build. The night before I was going to surrend Oreo and his four other siblings to our local shelter, Sauerkraut and his Mom approached me about keeping him. With appeals such as, “You can’t separate the twins!” to Sauekraut saying, “Miss Kitty and Ringo are your kitties. Oreo could be mine”, I caved. Oreo, who I imagine was paw pumping near the litter box upon hearing this, quickly adjusted to the Cabbage Patch. Turns out, he is the biggest suck going and, ironically, adopted me as his momma. Oreo is always in trouble.

IMG_1643.JPG Don’t let this sweet and innocent face fool you. If there’s mischief to be gotten into, Oreo is your kitty.




34 thoughts on “Cabbages in the Patch

    1. I bet he did! And to think that my husband chose ‘Sauerkraut’ for his Cabbage Patch name … I think the rest of us Cabbage Patchers have finally wore off on him 😉

    1. Thanks for not bringing any cabbage moths with you while tramping through the Cabbage Patch. The moths might ask “where the heck are we now?” and beg you to “please, please take me with you! Don’t leave us here!”

  1. Great to meet Ms Head Cabbage and other members of the patch. I look forward to checking out your patch and maybe pinching a few cabbages along the way… x

    1. I apologize, Lydia, for not replying to your comments before today. They were sitting in a folder on WordPress that I didn’t even know existed until a friend pointed it out.

      I am so glad that you enjoyed your time here in the Cabbage Patch. One thing is certain, it is never dull here. Thank you for stopping by! 🙂

  2. Your cabbages are similar to mine although I was gifted a female cabbage when Mr. Comfortable and I married. I have the feeling I’m going to love reading about them all! And Ringo is indeed quite handsome!

    1. Ringo asked me to thank you for your comment about his handsomeness. His head has swelled just a little bit since I told him what you said. I just hope he doesn’t get any more demanding than he already is….

      I love following your blog and now that I know where your comments end up, Ringo wants me to check more regularly in case you leave him more compliments. Next thing is that he will probably ask me to send you an 8 x 10 glossy of himself. Oh, to be famous!

      1. I’m a bit surprised Ringo hasn’t already started his own blog. He’d have tens of thousands of followers. And all he’d have to post is pictures! Wait! He’s more of an Instagram guy!

  3. Hello Ms.Head cabbage patch! Landed jere through Jacqueline’s blog-o-ween party! pleasure meeting you 😊looking forward to read more of your patches!

    1. Thank you for dropping by!

      I apologize for not getting back to you before today but I didn’t realize that your comments were sitting in a folder on WordPress until a friend pointed this out to me. Thank goodness she did!

      Hope you had a great time at Jacqueline’s blog-o-ween party. It sounds like fun!

      1. That’s okay!not an issue Linda!Yeah that was long time ago i left a message and it okay!glad you visited my blog! Do take a tour along and yeah i had great time🙂

    1. Awww, thank you! I wanted to make sure that each of my cabbages were described perfectly. They are my world. 🙂 Thanks for dropping by the Cabbage Patch.

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