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Day 22:365 Gratitude Challenge and April 8th A to Z Challenge

201504_1221_aachg_smToday I am grateful for Google or as my uncle would say, The Google. The Google, as a search engine tool, is multifunctional. It can be an informant, an entertainer, a translator, a tutor for any subject immaginable, a teacher, a news reporter, a tour guide, a doctor, a calendar, a musician, a veterinarian, a big time waster, and so much more. I use The Google almost every day to look up something whether it be a recipe or a word definition, a telephone number, an address, a website, some news, a blog post, a meme, a quotation, and to procrastinate from cleaning the house, etc. Hell, I even used it to try and find something that would start with the letter G for this challenge. I was trying to be so creative that I missed the obvious “G” staring back at me from the blank page. That is when Sauerkraut said, “How about Google?” And, so, The Google it is.

Since I find The Google incredibly entertaining, I decided to try something different for this post. Rather than writing a bunch of words explaining why I am grateful for The Google, I thought I would let The Google’s memes and quotations do all the explaining for me (plus I am just too flippin’ exhausted to even form a complete and logical sentence after a week long bout with the flu).

I am grateful for The Google because:

  • I can travel anywhere in the world without ever leaving the house AND I do not need to get out of my pyjamas, have a shower, pack a suitcase or have a passport to do so.


  • I can learn more about the medical conditions that I have diagnosed myself with.


  • I can find directions to my friend’s new house.


  • I can find out about the things I hate happening in my life such as why that tiger is still hiding out in my bathroom.


  • I can pretend that I am searching for something brilliant when my 75 year old mother comes to visit and I do not want her knowing what it is that I am really looking at. You know, like my bank balance (wink, wink, nudge, nudge).


  • I can search for suggestions about what to do with the dead body of he who shall not be named.

dead body

  • I can ask The Google any obvious question I want to and never have to feel stupid for asking it. For example, ‘why hasn’t my brother had his first period yet?” would be really stupid because I do not have a brother.


stupid question

  • I can be snarky with The Google and it never gets angry with me.


  • I can be lazy and The Google will not care.

Lazy Rule

  • I can use The Google to back up any point I am trying to make.

because google said so

And that, my friends, is why I am grateful for The Google.

My argument: 1

Your argument: 0




  1. And The Google is thankful for YOU!
    ~ signed, your new bestie from another (something that rhymes with bestie but is not disgusting. crude is fine. disgusting is not)

    @dSavannahCreate from
    #AtoZChallenge2016 theme: dSavannah Defects

  2. oh this was just hilarious!! I thank Google all the time for having answers to questions I would NEVER dare ask out loud (then I am also very happy someone already asked it on Yahoo lmao)

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