Gardeners of the Cabbage Patch

Bloggers have tribes. Tribes are blogs that we follow faithfully, comment on, like, and Weirdos are my tribeshare.  Most importantly, we lean on one another. I like to think of my tribe as gardeners of the Cabbage Patch.

A gardener, as defined by, is one who works in or tends a garden for pleasure or hire. For me, a gardener is someone who cultivates and cares for a garden, a landscape, etc. and who actually knows what they are doing. They make gardens flourish and beautiful and grand.

I am not a gardener in that sense. Flowers and plants and vegetables and trees all run in the other direction when they see me coming because my reputation precedes me. They know I am a horrible gardener and, if left in my care, will die a slow and painful death.

Over the years I have tried my hand at gardening and every attempt has ended in frustration and futility. This makes me a disappointment to my extended family because they are all expert gardeners whose own gardens would rival the Queen of England’s. Well, maybe not as fabulous as hers but you get my drift. My mother, my grandmother and all those before me were beautiful gardeners. Unfortunately, the green thumb gene expired by the time it got to me.

Except for my imaginary Cabbage Patch. It flourishes despite me. Perhaps it is because cabbages are hardy things and understand that, in order to survive, they must rise above their given lot in life and declare, “We are cabbages. Hear us roar!”  Which, when I think about it, is very much a metaphor for my life. Hey, I am not the Head Cabbage for nothing, you know.

What I do know is that after the creation of this blog, I could not continue it without the support of some expert gardeners. Gardeners who see in me something that I do not see in myself. They support me, cultivate me, instill confidence in me, show me that I belong in the blogging community, and love me despite myself. When they saw my blog coming, they didn’t run the other way. They embraced it with loving arms and said, “Come on, Head Cabbage, let’s get this Cabbage Patch flourishing.” And flourished it has.

Here are the links to my gardeners’ blogs. Check them out, let them know that the Head Cabbage sent you, and tell them just how awesome they are. Oh, and give them a sympathetic pat on the back for putting up with me.

My Tribe.png

(in no particular order)

  • Cyranny’s Cove:  A fellow Canucklehead, Cyranny is my biggest cheerleader. She checks in every day with me and has threatened to hunt me down and kick me in the ‘arshe’ (as she calls it) if I don’t start believing in myself and start writing my book. She is a beautiful soul as well as a beautiful, thoughtful writer and she would love for you to visit her in the cove. The first thing she will tell you is that she LOVES Denmark. The second thing she will tell you is that she LOVES Denmark. Don’t be alarmed if Denmark is all she talks about because she really does love Denmark. I’m not gonna lie; she may also talk about me, too.
  • Half a 1000 Miles:  Where do I start? Linda is my twinsie, my yin to my yang, my Lucy to my Ethel, and, I imagine if we ever went on a road trip together, she would be my Thelma to my Louise. Linda is a lot like me. She ‘notices awkward things, says awkward things, does awkward things, and makes awkward things. Then she cringes a little, falls in a hole and dies a little, laughs, recovers, writes about it, and then repeats’. Oh, and she says shit a lot. Like a lot. Shit.
  • Obsolete Childhood:  Suze will be the first to tell you that there ‘really isn’t any purpose to her blog besides giving her somewhere to blather on about stuff that makes her happy or annoys the crap our of her. She’ll also tell you not to bother looking for a focus because she has no focus’. BUT, if you are looking for an escape from your day and want to share in a laugh or two, Obsolete Childhood is the place to go. Also, she offered to adopt me, so there.
  • Greater than Gravity:  Wendy thinks my Sauerkraut looks a little bit like James Cameron, the director. She has mentioned this twice now. Do you think I should be worried? Seriously, Wendy is the only girl in a houseful of boys (just like me in my Cabbage Patch), including her 12-year-old son who was diagnosed with muscular dystrophy in 2015. Music saves her life every single day and she has a ‘concentrated focus’ on the band Barenaked Ladies which, I think, is code for obsession. Wendy writes with her heart and soul and with a terrific sense of humour. You’ll love her.
  • My Dang Blog:  ‘Come for the laughs and stay for the lunacy’ is the tagline for this blog which, coincidentally, drew me right in like a moth to a flame; me being the moth and this blog being the bright light. Every week, humorous essays are posted which focus on the weirdly wonderful aspects of this blogger’s life and her relationship with her husband, Ken. Here is a recent comment she wrote about my post ‘beware of husband‘: “Ken and I banter in pretty much the same way, except I’m the wingnut and he’s the long-suffering straight-man most of the time. It’s a wonderful life when you have husbands like ours!” It certainly is a wonderful life! Plus, we wingnuts have to stick together.
  • Still Not a Journal:  My golly woggles, I love this blog. Michelle, the author, is definitely a kindred spirit which can also be construed as the exact same type of endearingly wacko as I am. Just what the world needs, right? Another one of me! Michelle blogs about whatever tickles her fancy; her kids, her adventures, the people she admires, entertainment. Her favourite part of blogging is the comments she receives on her blog or as she likes to call them ‘conversation starters’. Be sure to visit her hilarious blog (did I mention that she lives in Queensland?) and leave a comment or two. Who knows where the comments/conversation will take you?
  • dSavannah Rambles: dSavannah is an invisible wellness warrior and fellow dammit doll owner/lover just like me. Our paths crossed during the A to Z Blogging Challenge and we immediately bonded over our invisible illnesses, dammit doll admiration, as well as our twisted sense of humour and incredible desire not to be defined by our health challenges. dSavannah has many ways of seeing the world; through words, a variety of art mediums, and through shooting (with a camera, ok?) to name a few.  As dSavannah says, “I love the process, the act of creation: it’s is a kind of meditation, a channelling of the great river of beauty in the world.”  
  • Cow Pasture Chronicles: If you’re interested in becoming a cow pasture fence jumper, then be sure to drop by Sheila’s cow pasture for some writing inspiration, helpful blogging tips, and an escape from the busyness of life. The reason for Sheila’s blog title is something we can all relate to: “As a girl, I escaped a crowded house, among other things, to the nearby cow pasture and underneath tall oak trees wrote reams of poems, stories, and rantings on life (if you can imagine an eleven year-old’s rantings). My audience was the black spotted cows that always stood near and gave me courage. Thus, began  my love affair with words.” She is a retired nurse, a writer of literary fiction and is the author of numerous short stories. I have learned so much about blogging from her and am encouraged by the comments she writes on my blog after each and every post of mine.

I cherish each and every one of my blogging gardeners (aka weirdos) and I hope you will, too. Like you, my dear Cabbage Patchsters, whom I also consider gardeners of my Cabbage Patch, they not only tolerate my quirks, they celebrate with glad cries of ‘me, too!”

Thank you from the bottom of my Cabbage Patch heart for being one of my weirdos tribe gardeners. I couldn’t do it without you. <3