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Day 26:365 Grateful Challenge and April 13th A to Z Challenge

Today I am grateful for knickers because the other option I had thought of for the letter “K” was knockers. While I could have probably written a lovely piece about the importance of door knockers, my twisted mind was leading me to the other meaning for knockers and, well, it was far too early in the day to go there when I began writing this post. So, knickers it is. I bet you are relieved.

Knickers have been defined as “the correct terminolog for a women’s undergarment, the undergarment which is not a bra” (Urban Dictionary). Well, praise be to high heavens that it is the undergarment which is not a bra but, then again, I could have written about knockers had I chosen to focus on the undergarment which is not a knickers. Clearly, you can imaging the quandry I found myself in trying to decide between knickers vs knockers first thing this morning. Oh, the dilemmas I always manage to get myself in!

Knickers also are given other names depending on the different styles of knickers that a woman chooses to wear. There are thongs, granny panties, bloomers, undies, panties, drawers, G-strings and, well, if your eyes are beginning to gloss over as mine were with all these different names, here is a visual to help you weed through the minefield of knickers styles, or if you are looking to ‘give your sweet cheeks a flattering new pick-me-up’ as the ad suggests, you can also shop by style:

shop by style

I am grateful for knickers not just because it was a better alternative to writing about knockers but because knickers can be quite comfortable when knocking about the house in an oversized t-shirt. Knickers can also serve double duty by holding in all the extra rolls that a gal like me may have from eating too many of Ronald Reagan’s black jelly beans. Plus, if you are lucky enough to own a matching set of knickers to the other undergarment which is not a knickers, you can end up feeling mighty fine about yourself.

Note to self: buy a matching set of underwear

Also, there are some very important life lessons that knickers can teach us. Yes, you read that right. An inanimate object such as a pair of knickers can actually teach us some really good stuff. I kid you not. I was just as surprised to learn of this as you are.

Lesson #1

  • Accept the changes that life may throw at you


Lesson #2

  • Some weight loss may be good for you


Lesson #3

  • Always be password protected


Lesson #4

  • Do not get worked up about things which are out of your control


Lesson #5

  • Make sure you have good friends


Lesson #6

  • Mom really does know best

Mom knows best

Lesson #7

  • Home is where the heart is


Lesson #8

  • Happiness is a feeling


Lesson #9

  • Inspiration comes in all forms, shapes and sizes:


Lesson #10

  • There is a true measure of intelligence


Lesson #11

  • It may be time to do your laundry


Lesson #12

  • Coworkers can have good advice

Big girl panties

From what I can tell, knickers are underappreciated and do not receive the respect they deserve. I am certainly going to be folding my knickers with a new appreciation and respect the next time I do laundry. Goodness knows, mine have certainly been telling me over and over again that it might be time to lose some weight. All along I have been thinking that me knickers were just being cheeky little bastards but now I know differently. They are really just looking out for me, my comfort level, my happiness, my life coping strategies, my measure of friendships, and they have been inspiring me to be the best possible person I can be.

And for that, I truly am grateful.

Granny Pants: 1




    1. I am so happy to hear that and you have made my day by telling me that! I’m hopping on over to check out your blog now. Thank you for stopping by the Cabbage Patch 🙂

  1. don’t loan them out to strangers??????? I am still stuck on that one! get me OUT of these danged knickers statements! help! roflmao

    1. Why thank you! If your favourite ice cream is (K)nicker-bocker glory, I think that means that you are just glorious! Thanks for stopping by the Cabbage Patch 🙂

    1. Why thank you! Glad to know that someone else also has my twisted mind 😉 I am really happy to hear that it made you smile. “Smiling is my favourite.” ~ Buddy the Elf

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