the cabbage patch (non-hostile) takeover

Sauerkraut and I are back here enjoying our little piece of heaven:

images from cabin

Since it is sometimes difficult to post from deep in the forest (no internet here, only data as long as it’s not too breezy), I asked my best blogging buddy (BBB) if she would mind tending the Cabbage Patch while I am frolicking with Sammy Squirrel, Brad Beaver, Greta Grouse and the rest of the forest dwellers. She happily obliged.


(‘X’ marks the spot. This is one of the few places I can get decent enough cell phone reception to publish a blog post. It gives new meaning to ‘up hill in my father’s pyjamas’ and, yes, I am wearing my nightgown in this photo because a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do, right? Sometimes I have to hold my phone high in the air while sticking the opposite leg out to send the post out into the blogosphere all the while holding on for dear life so I don’t tumble down the hill. Sometimes my fashion sense is critiqued by Lady Goose Gaga and sometimes Greta Grouse ruffles her feathers at me but, for the most part, the forest dwellers tolerate me. It may or may not have something to do with the little bits and bites I toss over the deck’s railing for them.)

So please show Cyranny some love and show her a great big welcome to the Cabbage Patch.

P.S.: I have hidden several bottles of tequila in and around the patch. Enjoy!

Heyyyy!!  You’re not Linda!! This is a fraud… We want LIINDAAAAAA!!


Yes, you’re right. This is not Linda…

Linda and her loving hubby are out somewhere sipping on some fancy colorful drinks, enjoying the sandy beaches of some secret paradise island… Even the greatest Bloggers need a little rest from time to time.

And in the meanwhile, someone had to fill in, come water the cabbage and clean around the patch. And today, that someone is me.

Disappointed? Don’t go just yet!

Now, I must say this is quite an honour to take the Head Cabbage tiara and magic wand, to (try to) entertain you in her absence. The Cove I come from, hosts 200 lovely people, which was already quite a crowd to me. So standing in front of all of you, 1380 Cabbage Patchsters, is a bit intimidating, to say the least!

Linda assured me that you were kind people, but I still have to use my “imagine them in their undies” trick not to run away. I hope you’ve put clean ones on!!

When Linda asked me if I’d accept the challenge, and spend the day with you guys, I thought about what I could possibly do to match my dear friend’s sense of humour and crazy imagination… I had a few sleepless nights, and then I had an epiphany!

I have the keys to the house… Head Cabbage and Sauerkraut won’t be home until tomorrow, and I have an itch to let all Hell break loose!

So, I packed up on yummy-yummy in the tummy snacks, booze of all sorts and toilet paper rolls (you’ll think it is a good idea too after your fourth shot of Tequila, just trust me!) and I prepared a nice, yet discreet sign to hang above the Cabbage Patch entry gate…


That’s right, we’re going to rock the Patch, and I sure hope you’ll join in, because it is going to be dang fun if you do, and I’d feel like a loser if I ended up alone talking to the veggies, toasting to my failure!

So let’s do this Meet & Greet style! It is a first for me, so might as well take the chance to trash a house that’s not mine, right? If everyone behaves, I might invite you to the Cove another time to do it again…

Shall we get started? Yeah?


Here’s a first toast to Linda for giving me carte blanche on her Blog! I should introduce myself a little, just so you recognize me in the crowd later, when we’re all a little tipsy.

My name is Cyranny, and I come all the way from Montréal to shuffle the playlist and mix you any poison you’d like! Where I come from, people speak French, so, don’t be surprised by my sometimes strange ways of talking, especially after a few drinks!

If there is one thing you should know about me, it is that I LOVE Denmark! You may ask “why?” but you most likely won’t get a clear answer to that. I like everything that is Danish or has anything to do with Denmark. So, you’ve been warned, you Viking haters! Don’t go complaining to your mom if there’s arshe kicking going on tonight when you refuse a shot of Akvavit!

As I mentioned earlier, I take care of my Cove, sharing pretty much anything that comes to my mind. I’d say it’s kind of a convenience store blog. A little of everything, from (lousy, lol) French poetry to travelling posts, fiction stories and personal anecdotes…  I care a lot about my Lovelies, and if you join in someday, you’ll see that I make it a point to respond to all comments and make people feel welcome and (I hope so) special.


I don’t quite remember if I found the Cabbage Patch first, or if Linda visited the Cove and came across me, and it really doesn’t matter. We connected right away, like cosmic sisters finding their way back to each other…

I wish I could show you all, the Linda that I got to know outside the Cabbage Patch! I know you already like her if you’re Patchsters, but her posts just barely reveal the great woman standing at the keyboard (not now… when she writes. Are you starting to get tipsy?)

No wonder her husband hides her in the woods where the Internets are not allowed (or just if you hike up the highest hill, your phone at the tip of a selfie stick, waving it around in the air, standing on the tip of your toes to get one signal bar) whenever he can. Keeping her from us, just for himself… Smart ass! Yeah, he’s brilliant, but that’s a given, since he works for the NASA! I bet Linda didn’t tell you that, uh? Aren’t you happy you stayed around for the party, now?  Quite a catch if you ask me, any man who can kill tonight’s dinner and build an aircraft makes me weak in the knees!

But enough about him, back to Head Cabbage!

She is soooo caring, and positive, and insanely funny! Even if she considered my idea to keep a bowl of rocks to throw in the face of impatient patients, she’s a real doll (no… not a Real Doll, come on… *Giggles* Could you pass me the nachos please? The Dammit doll? No, I’m not talking about the Dammit doll either… Am I starting to lose you??)


I can feel that you are starting to consider redecorating the Patch with them toilet paper rolls, right? Me too, but I’m not done, just yet!

There is another thing I want to say about Linda, that you probably don’t know… Come on, gather around, this is important!

I know you love the Head Cabbage’s witty style, and way with words… I do too. She is very talented, but she just doesn’t see it. What a shame, right? Can you imagine how dang hilarious she would be if she wrote with confidence??

So, since she’s not here, and therefore can’t keep us from doing anything we want, I suggest we give her a big load of love! Share the Cabbage Patch’s link on your Blog, or your favourite post from Linda… Take a few minutes to comment below and share your thoughts about her and the Patch! And since we’re in Meet & Greet mode, leave your own personal link, so I can visit you too! (I’m sure Linda will do the same, when she’s back)

Cheers to you all, I hope you’re enjoying the party! I’ll keep the shots coming as long as you can take them…

Party time!



  1. OH BOY! Am I the first to arrive? dang, I was going to make a huge entrance and make Linda all jealous with my great wit and inimitable style! I was sure that I was arriving a half hour late (so fashionable you know) and I even drove the tractor! I figured since she was away and not paying much attention I could confiscate a few (thousand) head of cabbage. The fire department is having that fall festival and I am in charge of cole slaw you know.
    Dang…….well since I need to start picking if I am going to escape………ummmmmm………..get back home in a reasonable time I’d better say who I am and all that sort of stuff.
    This is Suze and I hide in Obsolete Childhood. The address for anyone who cares to come clean the house is
    Please notice I have my very own address (I do not live in an apartment at WP, I am a home owner now!!!!)
    So nice to see you here Cyranny (Linda gets upset when I steal cabbages but you are already toasted and not likely to remember the visit). and hope to see you again soon. Lovely party! ummmmmmmmmmm, you DO know that there is a monkey riding on that tricycle over in the patch….right? Might wanna do something about him…her? I’m blaming the cabbage theft on him.

    1. WoOoOoOoW, what an entrance, Suze!!!!

      Glad to see you join the party… I guess people are just not ready for the booze just yet, but I’m pretty sure it’ll turn crazy later 🙂

      I won’t tell Linda about the cabbage stealing, especially if it is for a good cause… Save me some of that cole slaw ok?

      Nice to see that you’re living the big life!! I’ll be visiting to have a look around the new house for sure…. I hope you cleaned up, lol 🙂

      Cheers to you…. And come back later if you have a few minutes to drink to our host!

      1. does it matter that I took the Champagne with me? I needed something to slake my thirst on the tractor drive back home. I figured once i get those big hunky firemen to unload the cabbages I’d bring em all over for some dancing…or whatever. Maybe we can do a calendar to sell…we’d be able to pay for the new electric post…I really didn’t mean to knock it over reversing out of the patch. I figure Linda won’t notice though that huge post down in her living room..and she did want skylights so that hole is mostly finished. I still have a ton of autumn leaves in the kitchen from the redecorating of the blog but a fireman is sweeping them as I try to explain, so come on over anytime!

  2. Firemen!! That’s what this party was missing…. Brilliant! As soon as you mentionned them, I thought about calendars too! Great minds think alike, they say. (still trying to figure who “they” are though) But I think we should ask them fire fighting hunks to fix it, while we use the money to crash the Patch again sometime!!

    As for the living room, Sauerkraut is pretty handy, this should just give him a way to kill free time next week end! Maybe they could just take advantage of the hole to make an extention to the house… We will need more space to party if this becomes a regular event… There’s no way we can stay outside during the winter months!!

    And don’t worry about the Champagne, I got more that should get delivered this afternoon!! Hey, if we’re going to crash the Patch, might as well do it with style!

  3. Welcome to the Patch Cyranny…well done. I especially love the comment about Linda’s insecurity in her writing abilities….I too ride her bum about it. I don’t think there is anyone else she would trust with the keys to the Cabbage Patch Kingdom and understandably so. I have heard nothing but good things about you. You have given me some giggles to start my day and now that it is after 12:00 I may just crack open a bottle of wine and get into party mode. …Here’s to you!!! Job well done!!

    Sandie (aka PITA)

    1. WOW! Pita!! Thanks for the kind words… It is such an honor! I’ve heard great things about you!! Linda’s life is so crazy sometimes, that even if I trust that she tells the truth, I am always tempted to think some of it is made up! It is a true pleasure to “meet” you 🙂

      Maybe if we all team up, she’ll end up believing she is gifted… Might take a lot of insisting, pushing it down her throat and rinsing it with Tequila, but it is worth it, right?

      I am really happy you joined the party!! Let’s raise that glass to our common friend!

  4. I’m coming over to the party, but I will have to have seltzer water with a twist of lemon, poured over ice, not shaken, not stirred. Or, perhaps, a Dasani Sparkling? Lemon? I’ve given up the Jack, Jim, George bourbons, the scotches, the wodka, the fruit of the vine, work of human hands. Yes. By choice, not of necessity. It has helped with the weight, the blood pressure, and the sleep. But don’t let me be a wet blanket. Now, since I have a blog about memories, I can say I can have that single-malt taste in my mind. Forever. Like the smell of crayolas. (Smell them now?) So, knock-knock! “I’m here! Hey, Suze! How y’all?” Thanks, Cyranny! htpps:// You will be delighted, I guarantee!

    1. I’ll mix you smothing just for your likings , James 🙂 I have to admit, I’ve been drinking more water than Champagne or Tequila for the moment… I want to make it through the day, and remember it tomorrow lol

      Thanks for your visit, and I’ll make sure to come around your place too!

      Cheers to the only man in the room…. yet! (Where are those firemen Suze???) 😛

  5. Linda does have a great sense of humour and writing. She and I have a lot in common….M.S….I suffered depression.. And other things… Nice of you to acknowledge her in your post.. Diane

    1. Thank you for your visit Diane 🙂

      Linda amazes me everyday, having to deal with such struggles, and still being the awesome woman, mother, wife and friend that she is…

      And I learn a lot about M.S. with her. And how it takes its toll on people on a daily basis.

      All the best to you 🙂

      1. I know that sometimes when things seem so troublesome we wonder how we are really doing as wife, mother and friend… But it was so comforting to know my children never felt neglected through those times.. They said (being adults and after the fact)…. That they just felt loved. We’re harder on ourselves! Diane.

  6. Hey there, I’m here, I finally made it! I brought some goodies too and some bottles… probably a good idea seeing what you have emptied already… tststs… Well, anyway. I think Linda is awesome and I’m glad that you were crazy enough to take over her place and throw a party! I love parties. Anyway, I see there are some people I have not met yet so a quick introduction: I’m Momma and I have so many thoughts about being a mom, homeschooling, being an expat (a Swiss in beautiful Australia) and life in general that I just need to share them all with you. Here is a thought about cheating and I would love to hear what your take is:

    And then let’s get to it. And never forget, we are doing yoga here, okay… nothing else… just yoga…

    1. Hey there Lovely Momma 🙂 Happy to see you join in… and I looooove the Irish Yoga (Linda, ever tried that?? Working out those Irish roots??)

      For those who don’t know Momma, click on that link! What are you waiting for?? A great analysis of a more than delicate subject! Momma’s always a good read 🙂

      Cheers to you, and to poor Linda who’s going to have to clean up tomorrow 😉

        1. I did pick up the bottles and most of the paper plates left around the Patch… You can help folding the garden chairs, if you’d like… I don’t think we made too big of a mess after all 😛

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