who doesn't like to procrastinate?

I was all set to tackle the room formally known as our bedroom. I am not sure when it happened but obviously a tornado went through it leaving total destruction in its wake. Notice that I said that I was all set to tackle the room … that was before I heard the ‘ping’ on my cell phone announcing that a new post had come in from one of my favourite bloggers, TheBloggess. With a title like “Get ready to waste a good hour‘, how could I not check out what she had to say?

Here is what TheBloggess wrote:

“My friend, Christine, introduced me to Dreamscope where you can add filters to your photos.  Not normal filters though.  Stuff like, “What would I look like if I was made out of gummi bears?” or “What if the world turned into raspberries?”  An hour later and I have a million variations of me.

Get ready to waste a good hour of your life.  But it’s for creative reasons, so I’m pretty sure it counts as art therapy.”

See why TheBloggess is a favourite? We practically think alike!

If you, too, are trying not to clean a room formally known as a bedroom, check it out. Dreamscope is also available as a free app for your iPhone.

Here are some funky filters of the Cabbage Patch:





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Roman Tiles.jpeg


Yes, I did get carried away.

Yes, I have a million variations of the Cabbage Patch.

Yes, it does count as my ‘trying something new’.

Yes, the room formerly known as our bedroom still looks like a tornado went through it.

Hell, there’s always tomorrow. Right?

Art Therapy: 1

Bedroom: 0








    1. Why thank you! I wasn’t looking at it that way but you are so right. I was simply prioritizing my chores. I like your attitude; you rock! 🙂

  1. This is the kind of thing that generally happens to me when I decide to clean my room ❤️ I love the pics, matter of fact, I downloaded the app and the came back to leave my comment! Good timing, too. I was contemplating cleaning my room today. I have a pile of laundry I think I’ll snap a photo of, see if I can make it look pretty with the filter 😂

    1. I am sooooo glad to know that I am not the only one! I do a lot of contemplating about cleaning but seem to do more procrastinating that anything ;). How did your pile of laundry end up looking with the filter applied to it? Pretty, I bet. Thanks for dropping by the Cabbage Path.

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